Construction FIVE's full home renovation services

Construction FIVE's design process is just the beginning of our building renovation service.  

If you’ve just inherited or bought an older home, we are with you to restore or renovate to your design.

Our team of renovation experts will take care of every detail, from start to finish. We are there with you.

We take care of in all site measuring and surveying, engineering etc.

Also obtain any planning permits you might need for your home renovation project.

With your dream and our design and build team, together we can bring your home to new life.

Come talk to us about your combination of renovations.

  • Bathroom & ensuite renovations
  • Kitchen & laundry renovations
  • Enlarge rooms with walls removed
  • New built in robes
  • Windows replaced
  • Replacing floorboards/particle board for a new and level, flat soundless feel

A home renovation can also include maintenance and repairs completed on roofing and guttering, windows, electrical wiring, plumbing and installation of insulation.


Looking forward to working with you


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